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    All skin with gauze base, hair replacement system, men's toupee

    The double layer skin base (one is thin skin; the other gauze) maximises the durability of this men's toupee. Realistic-looking as all knots are hidden between the double layer giving the impression of hair growing right out of your scalp.

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    Base Construction: Double layer skin base (one layer is thin skin, the other layer gauze) enhance the durability

    to the utmost, Single strands of hair are knotted by hand into the poly skin, and then layers of silicone coating

    are sealed underneath the poly locking the hair, this could achieve a looking as if hair is growing out of your scalp.

    Appearance: Great top view.

    Suited hair density: Medium light to heavy

    Comfort: Light weight, skin base makes the base easy to tape and clean.Front hairline looking is not

    as natural as a lace base system, less comfortable to wear.

    Applicable User: Wearer who wants a skin base with long lifespan and does not mind the clammy feeling

    quite much

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