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    SuperSkin-V (S1-V Toupee)


    0.06mm Super Thin Skin V-looped Stock Mens Toupees

    A transparent super thin skin polyurethane base with V-looped hair all over that gives you the option of styling your hair as you wish. When worn, the base is totally invisible. As a stock hairpiece it can be shipped out immediately.

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    Below are the specifications of the product.

    Base Design Transparent super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over (thinnest skin 0.06-0.08mm)
    Base Size 8’’ x 10’’
    Base Material Color Transparent
    Front Contour Standard
    Hair Length 5" - 6"
    Hair Density Medium Light
    Hair Type 100% Human hair (Grey hair is synthetic)
    Curl & Wave 30 mm
    Advantage Undetectable base, air light, easy to attach and clean, easy to be styled freely
    Delivery Instant delivery within 24 hours. If you need to cut the base size or pre-cut hair length before shipment, then takes longer time, usually need additional 3 working days.
    Kind Reminder

    Please cut the excess lace or skin before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

    If this stock hairpiece doesn't meet your needs, you are welcome to customize it byCLICKING HERE.

    Customer Show

    skin hair system

    The S1-V is the perfect2022世界杯赛程安排 who feel style is the most important feature of a hair piece. The completely V-loop base makes it easy to style in any direction. The S1-V mens toupees are not only comfortable because of the soft thin skin base but also very realistic with a base thickness of 0.08mm making it more durable that the S22. These mens toupees have a graduated front hairline and a knotless base which means no-one will notice that you are wearing a toupee. The hair looks as if it’s growing right out of your own scalp. The base material of this toupee for men is low maintenance because it is super thin skin making attachment and cleaning a breeze.

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