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    Royal Afro


    African American Men’s Hair System with Royal Base

    Shipment takes place within 3-5 working days generally.

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    Base Design

    Fine Mono with PU Perimeter

    Base Size 6’’ x 8’’, 6’’ x 9’’, 7’’ x 10’’, 8’’ x 10’’
    Base Material Color Flesh
    Front Contour Standard shape
    Colors Available
    Hair Length 5"
    Hair Density Medium (120%)
    Hair Type 100% Human hair
    Curl & Wave 4mm,6mm,8mm
    Delivery Shipment takes place within 3-5 working day generally. If you need us to cut base size or hair before shipment, then takes longer time, usually needs additional 3 working days.
    Kind Reminder

    Please cut the extra skin in front before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

    Royal:这男人的假发是用一个版本y solid woven material called fine mono. Apart from its outstanding breathability and comfort level, the fine mono top is what accounts for the remarkable length of duration of this hairpiece.Besides, it can be easily attached with tape and can be well taken care of and maintained with little effort facilitated by its PU perimeter surrounding the fine mono!

    This base is Fine Mono with NPU perimeter. You can choose a 4mm,6mm, or 8mm curl.

    With a fine mono base and a PU perimeter, our Royal Afro is very durable and also highly breathable. It is made up of 100% Human hair and can be permed. Its mono base gives it a very natural, realistic, and undetectable look.

    Stock size 6’’ x 8’’, 6’’ x 9’’, 7’’ x 10’’, 8’’ x 10’’ are Royal base with Standard front shape, with #1A and #1B colors available .

    As Lordhair is becoming more and more well-known and recognized among hair system wearers across the globe, there has been an increasing amount of users in need of men’s hairpieces with a special hairstyle called Afro, which is particularly popular and commonly seen in the African-American community.That is why we have decided to include it in our men’s hair system catalog.

    Coming with a wide variety of base designs with different features and characteristics to choose from, the hair of this hair wig got nicely curled into thousands of remarkably tight and dense curls in a full evenly rounded shape.

    When selecting the base design, it’s recommended to keep in mind the things you expect your hair system to bring about and follow your own needs and preferences concerning base design features.

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